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General Warnings


As with any OTC supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before us if you have had any previous health conditions that you are taking medications for, including OTC medications or if you are planning a medical procedure.

Jungledog Lab products are generally not for use in pregnant or lactating women.

Discontinue use immediately and contact your healthcare provider if any adverse reactions occur.

Not intended for use in persons under the age of 18 years.

Normal Reactions:

Jungledog Lab products are extremely potent compounds intended only for hardcore, experienced strength and endurance athletes. Our supplements and other products are pharmaceutical grade and uniquely formulated from Jungledog Labs to:

- Significantly increase testosterone levels.

- Significantly increase Growth Hormone levels from the Pituitary Gland.

- Significantly increase protein synthesis.

- Significantly increase energy levels.

- Significantly increase sex drive.

- Dramatically reduce recovery times.

- Support general health and performance.

- Support healthy blood circulation.

- Decrease signs of aging.

- Designed to help stop all signs of Low-T.